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We are pleased to introduce ourselves to you.  We are an information & advertising type company solely focusing on the construction and supporting industries.
Our goal is to make it possible for the smaller companies to be able to do business in the same league as the bigger, more settled companies. At the same time making it possible for the public to get trustworthy reliable contractors to complete projects or do renovations.
We all know there are many dishonest companies out there and for that we have created a page where you as the consumer can complain about these companies and we will try our utmost to get both sides of the story and post them for the rest of our surfers to view and decide if they would like to make use of these companies. We would not only like to hear about bad companies but we will truly enjoy feedback on the reputable companies too.
We have decided to open our doors to the smaller companies and we are offering a service where you get a static web site for a once off fee. We will host the site for you at no extra cost from your monthly advertising  cost. We believe in growing the small business, this in turn grows the work force and this grows the economy. With that said every one is happy and we like happy people.
Constructionbuzz = Peace of mind
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